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Android phone users can now enjoy non stop music mixes with the MIXTRAX App

For a limited time only, all customers enjoy downloads at half-price in celebration of this launch*1 

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. – 30 January 2014 – Pioneer Electronics, introduces an exciting new way of experiencing music for music lovers by extending their renowned proprietary music analysis and mixing technology, MIXTRAX, to Android phone users.
The MIXTRAX app is a music player app that automatically scans the phone’s music playlists and develops mixes with a natural flow by intuitively categorizing songs by tempo or genre.  It then links the best parts of these songs into a seamless stream of music, with the option of added sound effects between each song transition, just like a real DJ. The MIXTRAX function is available in various Pioneer car audio multimedia receivers, and STEEZ products, enabling users to enjoy a non-stop mix of music right from the dashboard with a compatible connected phone via the MIXTRAX app.
MIXTRAX was first made available on iPhones and is compatible with the latest iOS7 and iPhone 5S/ 5C. The Android version of the MIXTRAX App will be launched on 30 January 2014, and will be compatible with Android phones running on Android 4.0 and above. Now everyone can enjoy their favourite mixes no matter the occasion, whether they are on the way to a party, running, or getting an energy boost from some upbeat music during the drive to work.*2
Main features of the Android version of the MIXTRAX app include:
1) “Non-stop mix play” that mixes songs like your local DJ
Songs with similar tempo and mood are selected automatically, then connected smoothly by matching the tempo and beat between each song*3. DJ-inspired song transition effects can connect hooks and exciting parts*4 of the songs for continuous playback.

  •  Automatic selection of songs with similar tempo and mood (Smart Shuffle)

By simply choosing one song from your music library, a playlist will be generated according to the tempo and mood of the selected track.

  • Continuous play connecting on the exciting parts of music (Mix Style)

Song hooks are automatically identified, and the music playback can be changed in three styles: “Standard”, which creates a medley of songs; “Simple”, for smooth transition between tracks by cutting out intros and endings; and “Active”, which mixes shortened tracks with various DJ-inspired effects.                      

  • Continuous play matching beats and tempo of music (Beat Matching)    

Ensure smooth transition between tracks of different tempo or genre with the Beat Matching function.

2) Select songs by Artist, Tempo, Genre or Year with “LinkGate” function 
Tap the album cover of the song currently playing, to automatically generate playlists according to “Artist”, “Genre”, “Tempo”, or “Year”. For example, by selecting “Tempo”, the app will scan for songs with similar tempo to the song currently playing in a customized playlist.

3) “Recommended playlists” lets you enjoy new ways of listening to music from your phone*5
Your music will be automatically sorted into five “Recommended Playlists”: “Beat” for music with a upbeat music for the dance floor; “Chill” for calm music such as ballads; “Thump” for music with strong rhythms; “Distortion” for music with distorted guitar effects; and “High” for generally exhilarating music.
With the “Mix Playlists” function, change up your music listening experience by mixing these automatically-generated recommended playlists*6

Recommended operating environment:

Supported Operating System Android 4.0 or above
Playable files MP3, AAC, WAV*7

MIXTRAX is compatible with all of Pioneer’s 2014 audio and multimedia receiver models.
The Android version of the MIXTRAX app can now be downloaded from Google Play. 
The iPhone version of the MIXTRAX app can be downloaded from the App Store.
From 30 January 2014 to 28 February 2014, customers enjoy 50% off their MIXTRAX app purchase.
*1 Campaign details are subject to change without notice.
*2 Music analysis information required for non-stop mix play with the MIXTRAX App is shared with users around the world via Pioneer’s servers. When the app is launched or music is replaced, music analysis data is compared with the servers and any necessary data is downloaded. Music can be analyzed within the app even if there is no music analysis data on the servers. When analyzing large amounts of music, we recommend using the MIXTRAX 
music management software (available free of charge) for Windows/Mac.
*3 Beat positions may become out of sync due to drastic changes in tempo or depending on the acquisition status of music analysis information.
*4 Parts of the music are extracted using Pioneer’s proprietary judgment, so we cannot guarantee that composition will be aligned to the score.
*5 Music that does not come under the characteristics of the 5 playlists will not be sorted.
*6 Playlists cannot be edited with the MIXTRAX App.
*7 Copyright-protected music cannot be analyzed or played in non-stop mixes.
* We recommend connecting your device to a charger before performing in-App music analysis.
* The Android version does not include the “MagicMix” function found in the iPhone version. Future inclusion of this function is TBC.
* Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
* Other products, technology and company names, etc. mentioned herein are the trade names or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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